Pro Fizio – PHYSICAL THERAPY is what WE ARE.

Pro Fizio – ABOUT

Pro Fizio – Clinic for rehabilitation  ( Pro Physio ), was arsed from the Department of Physical Therapy , which had for full eight years operated under the auspices of the HBO Medical Center , and represents the result of the ideas and mutual work of Prim . Miodrag Živković ( owner at HBO med. Center ) and Senior Physical therapist  Branko Vorkapić ( owner at PRO PHYSIO clinic ) .

Ideas and work was aimed at shifting the boundaries and possibilities of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a therapeutic method and physical therapy in order to allow our patients the best medical and rehabilitation treatment .

Pro Fizio respects postulates of personal medicine , constant self improvement , recording and monitoring the of therapeutic results and their display  in professional and educational meetings and constant striving to increase therapeutic possibilities , laid the foundation for opening and justify the name – PRO PHYSIO clinic for rehabilitation.

In addition to already proven therapeutic superiority of combining HBO and physical therapy , PRO PHYSIO have included the implementation of PRP therapy ( Platelet Rich Plasma) , and thus enable patients to  get currently the most complete rehabilitation therapeutic scheme for a wide range of conditions and diseases, at one place .

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Address: Vojvode Stepe st. No: 347/b, Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: +381 11 2492 190

Mobile: + 381 64 111 57 94

e-mail: office@profizio.rs